We found 6 offers in 1 ad in the Deli department. Offers are listed by ad below.

Picture of Sierra Nevada Raw Milk Cheeses

Sierra Nevada Raw Milk Cheeses

Distinctive, raw milk cheeses, third party certified to meet the rigorous standard of the fresh rotational grazing system. Selected Varieties, 8 oz.

$ 6 99

Picture of Kretschmar Swiss Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese

Kretschmar Swiss Cheese

Goes great on grilled sandwiches or burgers. Made with pride in Wisconsin

$ 6 99 lb.

Picture of King's Command Meatloaf


King's Command Meatloaf

Just add sides from the Deli for a quick "on the go" meal.

$ 10 99

Mrs. Gerry's Taco Pasta Salad

A tasty side to any summer meal.

$ 3 99 lb.

Hoffman's Deli Cheese

Great for anytime snacking! Selected Varieties, 7 oz.

$ 4 99